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The Heritage Day

Every year, throughout the country between 3,000 and 4,000 listed buildings open their doors to the general public. This is a roaring success, as with 800,000 to 900,000 visitors, the Heritage Day is one of the largest cultural events in our country. On the Heritage Day, the participating listed buildings can be visited free of charge. The idea behind this is to increase public interest in listed buildings and to increase the support for the care of listed buildings.

Heritage Day in Alkmaar

The Heritage Day was organised for the first time back in 1987. The idea originated from France, where a similar type of event was held in 1984. Traditionally, the Heritage Day is only held on the second Saturday of September, but because of the ever increasing interest during the past few years it has actually been possible to fill the entire second weekend of September with activities. However, the listed buildings in Alkmaar are only open on the Saturday.

On the second Saturday in September, in Alkmaar you are able to take a peek at more than eighty listed buildings, admission to which is free of charge. Doors that are usually closed will be wide open to welcome you and to take you back in time. On the Heritage Day you will be given the opportunity to view the often astonishing interiors of the most unusual and characteristic buildings. In many buildings, activities are arranged by the person opening up the building, such as music, an exhibition or tour, activities for the children, or you may even be offered a cup of coffee.

All participants are included in the listed buildings route, which is available free of charge early in September from the library, the Regional Archives, the Municipal Office, the Municipal Museum and the Tourist Information Office (VVV).